Corporate Details

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the patients and their families with healthcare services with highest quality.

Our Vision
Our vision is to grow in healthcare sector through being an excellent model for other facilities.Our approach to the excellence;

  • A corporate excellence that strives for overcoming the obstacles to ensure employee’s loyalty to the common vision,
  • Excellent team work to ensure harmony, cooperation and communication in and between teams,
  • Individual perfection to determine each employee’s performance relative to overall performance of the team and the organization and to encourage cooperation for achieving the common goals.

Basic Values of Başkent University Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

  • Respect to patients’ rights
  • Adherence to medical ethics
  • Honesty
  • Information
  • Research orientedness
  • Open to innovations
  • Responsibility
  • Sensitivity
  • Loyalty
  • Transparency
  • Participation
  • Team spirit
  • Mutual trust

For our patients we guarantee

  • To respect patients’ rights,
  • To recognize each patient as an individual and make them feel special,
  • To develop the required system to provide quality healthcare services,
  • To remember the right to information is the most basic patients’ right and it is a facilitating factor for treatment.

We guarantee for our employees

  • To prioritize education and to provide opportunities for better education and research,
  • To respect our employee’s opinions and to regard their suggestions
  • To measure and improve their satisfaction continuously

We guarantee for our Institution

  • To adhere to ethics,
  • To perform evidence-based practices of medicine,
  • To take preventive and protective actions for the benefit of public health,
  • To question and improve systems of our Organization continuously.

Başkent University Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Quality Management Agency renders services through 5 different units.

  • Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare and Education activities, Performance Evaluation and Internal Quality Assessments
  • Calibration Unit
  • Statistics Unit
  • In-Service Training Coordinator Office
  • Documentation and Form Creation and Tracking Unit

Activities of these units are listed below.

Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare and Education activities, Performance Evaluation and Internal Quality Assessments
In-house quality assessments (self-evaluation) were conducted in our Organizations to verify and maintain efficient of the Quality Management System in order to assure compatibility of quality-related activities and relevant results with the plans in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standards.Since new version of ISO:9001 was published in 2008-2009 period, all our organizations started efforts for transition into the new version and thus, almost all our healthcare facilities were adapted to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System at that period.All department-specific processes are reviewed in semi-annual audits.Teams of minimum two individuals audit all the fields and make objective evaluations.Moreover, International Standards have also been taken into consideration starting at the early  phase of the transition in to the new system and those standards and measurable elements have been integrated to the mentioned standards.

Calibration Unit
A Calibration Unit was founded at Total Quality Management Center of Başkent University in 1997 to set the criteria for measurement and calibration of test equipment and calibration of the equipment used at Başkent University Hospital and the Affiliated Healthcare Facilities in line with the pre-determined conditions and terms.Rendering services by specialized personnel in line with the principle of on-site service based on TS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards since its foundation, the unit maintains the calibration services for devices and equipment used at Başkent University Hospital and the affiliated facilities according to the mutually agreed protocols.In this context, more than 5000 medical devices are calibrated by this unit every year.

Statistics Unit

All hospital statistics demanded online by Ministry of Health to be submitted to related units of the Ministry (number of outpatient clinics, number of inpatients, number of radiology, nuclear medicine, biochemistry laboratory tests, number of microbiology analyses, number of surgeries, number of dialysis therapies, number of deliveries, statistics of oral and dental health outpatient clinics, number of deaths, blood center data, building details, data processing information, number of personnel, information on emergency medicine department, intensive care units, number of devices etc.) and also the statistical information requested by other authorities and agencies, such as Ministry of Health General Directorate of Treatment Services and Provincial Health Directorates, are collected, reviewed and distributed to relevant addresses in the instructed report format.This practice is performed by Quality Management Agency of Başkent University Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities separately for all healthcare facilities, research and practice centers of Başkent University.  Besides, internal customer satisfaction (burn-out survey, internal customer satisfaction survey) and external customer satisfaction (outpatient and inpatient satisfaction surveys and emergency medicine outpatient clinic survey at monthly intervals) are reviewed pursuant to the service competency analysis and the reports are submitted to the senior management.Analyses of department-specific satisfaction surveys (nutrition and dietetics unit, biomedical and calibration unit, blood center etc.) are reported and sent to the departments.Suggestion and opinion forms that are used by patients and family members to write their complaints and/or suggestions are evaluated and sent to the Patient Rights unit.

In-Service Training Coordinator Office
In-Service Training Coordinator Office of Başkent University Hospital and the Affiliated Healthcare Facilities determines personnel’s training needs and organizes trainings such that all personnel are effectively trained and educated and we contribute to the professional development of all personnel.We track all in-service and department- and unit-based trainings and investigate reasons for failure of trainings that are approved by Training Coordinator Office, but not concluded.A pre-determined system measures efficiency of these trainings that are especially organized in and for support and administrative units.Effectiveness of trainings is evaluated in all units and the trainings are repeated, when necessary.The personnel of Başkent University Hospital and the Affiliated Healthcare Facilities and Practice and Research Centers as well as the affiliated education institutions and factories are trained by in-service training coordinator regarding continuous quality improvement techniques, problem solving techniques and tools, statistical process check, human relations, communication, motivation, leadership, effective team work, time management and basic topics of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Documentation and Form Creation and Tracking Unit
This Unit is affiliated to Quality Management Representative Office and responsible for reviewing, tracking, improving and publishing all forms used at Başkent University Hospital, Affiliated Healthcare Facilities and Research and Practices Centers and keep track of all procedures, policies and instructions that should be documented in the system and the revised documents, cancelled documents, revised forms and cancelled forms.