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Data Controller:Istanbul Health Practice and Research Center, Başkent University Address:Altunizade Mahallesi, Kısıklı Caddesi Oymacı Sokak No:7 34662 Üsküdar / İstanbul
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Istanbul Health Practice and Research Center of Başkent University adopts a very careful approach to ensure security of and process the personal data of our patients, family members and other persons, who are related to our Organization, including our employees, pursuant to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the international covenants on human rights that bind our country and the relevant legislation, particularly including the Personal Data Protection Law (“PDPL”; Law Nr. 6698).

In this context, we, the Data Controller, would like to inform you subject to provisions of the PDPL.

Your personal data communicated to our Organization by you in the capacity of client, subscriber, supplier or employee can be processed reasonably and in connection with our activities and services, shared with local and international third parties and be used for profiling and classification, provided all provisions of the PDPL are fulfilled.

Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data
Your personal data will be processed;

i) They will be processed as allowed and mandated by laws and the principle of honesty,
ii) They will be processed reasonably, in a limited manner and in connection with the specified reasons,
iii) Correct and up-to-data will be processed,
iv) They will be processed for certain and legal purposes.

Our Organization, the Data Controller, will process your personal data without compromising our long-standing quality policy in order to understand your needs better; respond more quickly to your requests; serve you better by improving our communication with you; offer more personalized products, services and offers; making analyses to achieve these goals; inform you about our products and services; measure your satisfaction with our products and services; improving and diversifying our products and services in line with your requests and needs; make necessary quality and standard reviews; and fulfill our reporting and other obligations that are mandated by the legislation.

Personal data of our employees can be processedby our Organization or real or natural entities, which our organization collaborates or authorized, for operational grounds, such as fulfilling the obligations mandated by the Labor Code, the Labor and Social Security Code and other relevant legislation as well as our human resources policy, measuring the performance and employee’s satisfaction and ensuring occupational safety and peace.

Considering your application arising out of the capacity of Personal Data Owner in order to use or request to use your rights, the requested subject should be clear and understandable, contain your identity and address details and cover all documentations that verify your identity and be related personally to you or any other person; in the latter case, if you are acting on behalf of the other person, who duly authorizes you doing so, you need to submit such authorization document.

Transfer of Personal Data
Pursuant to above mentioned purposes, your personal data can be shared in our Organization or communicated to local or international third parties, including but not limited to our business partners, business contacts, legal or natural entities that help our operations and our contractors in line with the purposes our services or regulatory and auditory agencies as well as official authorities to fulfill provisions of the relevant legislation, should all provisions of the PDPL and other relevant legislation are completely and accurately fulfilled.

Collection Method of Personal Data and Legal Grounds
Your personal data can be collected in verbal, written or electronic formation in accordance with the above mentioned purposes and scope.

Your personal data can be collected in verbal, written or electronic format through non-exhaustive list of web site, various contracts, mobile applications, electronic mail, application forms, consumer complaint forms, social networks and bulletins by our Organization or legal or natural entities that process the data on behalf of our Organization.

Your Rights As a Data Owner
Provided provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law and other effective legislation, you have the right to;

i) Learn whether your personal data is processed or not,
ii) Request relevant information, if personal data is processed,
iii) Learn the intent of processing the personal data and whether they are used as intended,
iv) Learn local and international third parties who are shared the personal data,
v) Request correction, if personal data is processed incompletely or incorrectly,
vi) Request to have your personal data deleted or destroyed pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law,
vii) Request that third parties are notified, who are transferred your personal data, about your rest to have missing or incorrect data corrected or have your personal data deleted or destroyed,
viii) Raise an objection to a negative outcome arising out of analyzing the data exclusively with automated systems,
ix) Request compensation of loss and damage that arises out of illegal processing of your personal data.

You can communicate your request about use of these rights to us in writing or any other method that is allowed or determined by the Personal Data Protection Committee.

You can sign and post the request letter to Altunizade Mahallesi, Kısıklı Caddesi Oymacı Sokak No:7 34662 Üsküdar / Istanbul or the digitally signed request can be mailed to our e-mail address at

We wish you healthy days; Istanbul Health Practices and Research Center, Başkent University.