Corporate Details

Service Quality Standards

Special Service Quality Standards are developed by Turkish Ministry of Health to audit all hospitals and such standards are strictly observed in all our healthcare facilities; in this end, comprehensive inspections are done to check the existing status.

What we have done within this scope?

  • Patient safety: Patients are never called with room number or diagnosis in Başkent University Hospital and Affiliated Organizations.Here, patients’ identities are verified using wrist band and triple criteria over the patient file using patients’ names, identity numbers and dates of birth.This procedure is not specific to a group of patients; rather, it is a standardized process for all patients.The intended body part is marked for surgery even the patient is at the inpatient floor.Primary physician of the patient sees and approves the surgical site.Patient’s consent and surgical site marking are checked.A second wrist tape is worn if the patient has allergy.There are many people with same names and surnames in our country.If there is a second patient with the same name in our hospital, the system automatically gives warning to prevent a wrong treatment.
  • Hospital-acquired infection: Necessary efforts are made and measurements are taken to reduce the infection rates to 0% in our hospital.Mistakes due to wrong identification of the patient:The principles include correct patient, correct procedure and correct organ operated on by the correct surgeon in our hospital.
  • Delivery of works: the information should be correctly communicated between physicians and nurses and in shift changes.We have set very strict and clear rules for a proper registry mechanism in order to achieve these goals.We have developed methods to “ensure effective communication”.
  • Drug safety: It is important to give the correct medicine to the correct patient via appropriate route.It is even more important to monitor effects of the medicine.If the physician prescribes two medicines, interaction of these medicines is investigated by our pharmacists.Nurses administer the medicines if they are approved by pharmacists.Moreover, medicines can interact not only with other medicines but also with foods and drinks.This issue is checked by our dieticians.
  • Devices equipped in the hospital: You may harm the patient, if you allow the unlicensed and unauthorized persons to operate the devices that are used to treat patients or if the readings created by a device are not inspected.Therefore, all medical devices are calibrated by the Calibration Unit, founded under Başkent University Quality Management Agency in 1997, to prevent any deviation in measurements.Rendering services by specialized personnel in line with the principle of on-site service based on TS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards since its foundation, the unit maintains the calibration services for devices and equipment used at Başkent University Hospital and the affiliated facilities according to the mutually agreed protocols.