Corporate Details

Quality Management

The Quality Management Unit is responsible for;

  • Ensuring coordination of activities carried out within the scope of Quality Standards in Healthcare and ISO-9001-2015 Quality Management System,
  • Evaluating the results of analyses regarding targets of department and the indicators.
  • Determining the existing problems of the hospital in the light of internal inspections and self-evaluation, forming an order of priority and conducting improvement studies.
  • Ensuring that patient and personnel survey results are discussed in the meetings.
  • Evaluating regulatory, preventive and remedial activities that are supervised by the quality manager of the unit.
  • Tracking the changes in new and valid standards.
  • Organizing training activities about Quality Management System and Quality Standards in Healthcare within the scope of Terms of Reference for Training Coordinator.
  • Communicating the statistical data requested by official bodies to Chief Doctor’s Office to be submitted to relevant authories.
  • Entering the statistical data ordered by the ministry of health to websites of relevant institutions at monthly intervals.
  • Checking the regulations issued within the scope of Quality Standards in Healthcare and ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System and tracking the revised regulations.
  • Evaluating the statistical data on the service delivery.
  • Participating to the committees related to the Quality Standards in Healthcare and following up the meetings.