Corporate Details

Patient Guide

Pursuant to Patient Rights Regulation printed in Official Gazette No. 23420 on 01.08.1998, everyone presenting to Başkent University Hospital to fulfill healthcare needs has;

Right to Benefit: To benefit from preventive health services and activities aimed at promoting healthy living in line with principles of justice and equity,

Right to Request Information: To know all kinds of services and means available in Başkent University Hospital, to request any and all oral and written details related to health status,

Right to select and deselect healthcare organization and personnel: To select and deselect the healthcare organization, doctors and other staff and be informed about identity details, duties and titles of said personnel,

Right to Privacy: To provide all kinds of health services in an environment that is suitable for privacy,

Right to reject or stop the planned treatment: To refuse, stop and consent to medical interventions and to benefit from the service within the framework of consent.

Right to Safe Environment: To take health care in a safe environment.

Right to fulfill religious obligations: To fulfill religious obligations in accordance with the measures taken by the administration,

Right to Dignity and Comfort: All hygienic conditions should be met, all noise and disturbing factors should be eliminated; healthcare services should be received in friendly, gentle, compassionate and respectful manner,

Right to Visit: Accepting visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles set by Baskent University Hospital,

Right to have attendant: To request an attendant to the extent allowed by laws and regulations of the organization, provided the request is accepted by primary physician,

Right to go to law an issue complaints: In case of violation of rights, to make applications, issue complaints and go to law,

Right to permanent service: As long as necessary, it has the right to benefit from healthcare services.

Patient Rights Regulation issued in Official Gazette No. 23420 on 01.08.1998