Corporate Details

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Başkent University Istanbul Health Practice and Research Center is to create an exemplary model in healthcare for other healthcare organizations by having the specialized personnel meet all requests of the patients regarding their health problems and other medical needs using state of the art medical technologies through continuous improvement of performance and ensuring that all relevant provisions of health legislation are met.

Prof. Ali HABERAL, M.D.


Quality Management History of Başkent University Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Quality management activities date back to the foundation of Başket University.Continuous quality improvement activities have been carried out systematically since 1997 at Başkent University Hospitals and Health Practice and Research Centers.In this regard, the requirements set by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard are fulfilled in all centers that are certified by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE).Goal of Quality Management at Our Hospitals,

  • To maintain the “Culture of Quality” set at our hospitals.
  • To provide quality healthcare services in line with the international standards.
  • To question patient care in all aspects.
  • Detect problems before they occur.
  • To employ qualitfied personnel and maintain improvement with continuous education.