Have a Check-up to Guarantee Your Health!

Check-up enables a person to familiarize his/her body and how well the body functions. It also offers a chance to be careful for our health that is the most important and valuable thing, although it is occasionally ignored in the rush of daily life.

Check-up implies evaluating health status/well being of healthy people and diagnosing an asymptomatic disease early based on health screening. Early detection and early treatment not only increase the life comfort, but they also prolong the life span in all fields of the medicine and in all diseases. There is a classical, but inevitable statement: Early diagnosis saves life!

Check Up Packages

Female Check Up Packages:

  • Premium Check Up >>
  • VIP Check Up >>
  • Female Check Up >>

Male Check Up Packages:

  • Premium Check Up >>
  • VIP Check Up >>
  • Male Check Up >>

Other Check Up Packages:

  • Vascuşar Sağlığı Check Up >>
  • Child Check Up >>
  • Standart Check Up >>
  • Mini Check Up >>