Sex Therapy Outpatient Clinic

Sex Therapy Outpatient Clinic


What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a type of treatment conducted by trained and experienced psychiatrists and psychologists for individuals or couples with sexual problems.

Which Sexual Disorders Can Be Treated With Sex Therapy?

Sexual disorders which can be treated by sex therapy;

  • Vaginismus
  • Premature or late ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse in women)
  • Low sex appetite in women and men.
  • Arousal disorders in women
  •  Orgasm disorders in men and women

What Happens in Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is performed by experienced psychiatrists and psychologists who are trained in this field. Individuals who apply for sex therapy are recommended to get the sex partner, if any, involved in the therapy. Because this approach increases the success of the treatment. First, history of sex life and sexual problem is obtained from both partners in separate discussions. Goals of the treatment are determined jointly by the couple after the problems are identified. Frequency, duration and basic principles of the interviews are set.

Which Procedures Are Not Performed In Sex Therapy?

Sex therapies and psychotherapy sessions are performed in clinics or hospitals. Treatments should be based on scientific evidence. It should comply with rules of ethics as well as scientific standards of medicine, psychiatry and sex therapy. For example; examinations made by psychiatrists for patients, who present with a sexual problem, consist of interviews which focus on patient’s behaviours, thoughts and emotions instead of patient’s body. If there is a suspected physical problem, patient should be referred to a gynecologist or urologist. Sexual intercourse in the presence of a psychologist or a physician, irrespective of department, is not appropriate. Such treatment method is not scientific and it is not appropriate for medical morals.

Does Sex therapy have High Success Rates?

Success rate of sex therapy is generally high. The most satisfactory results are obtained on treatment of vaginismus, which is one of the female sexual dysfunctions. It can be stated that the disorder shows optimum response to sex therapy in shortest time. Treatment of dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse) is similar to treatment of vaginismus and success rates with sex therapy are very high. However, rate of response to sex therapy is lower in low sex drive than other sexual problems.

What Are Incorrect Treatment Methods In Sexual Dysfunctions?

These are the most common mistakes we encounter in treatment of sex-related problems;

“Attempting sexual intercourse after the woman consumes alcohol to relax”, “attempting sexual intercourse after applying anesthetic agent / sedative creams to genital organ of the women”, “forceful intercourse after the female is physically immobilized”, “surgical extraction of hymen or intercourse under anesthesia”, “vaginal botox”, “sexual intercourse in examination room in presence of the therapist” are incorrect and hazardous techniques which are recommended to women with vaginismus and their spouses.

Similarly, “anesthetic creams and sprays” which are recommended to men with premature erection to decrease the sensitivity of sex organ or delay the arousal and prolong the time to the ejaculation may also decrease the pleasure and lead to erectile dysfunction.