Foot Health (Podology) Clinic

Foot Health (Podology) Clinic


Health starts from the foot!

It provides solutions to your foot problems by the expert personnel who conduct scientific studies on foot care in our country using modern devices. Forget about your foot problems and “STEP TO HEALTH”.

  • Medical foot care
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Ingrown nail care
  • Thickened nail care
  • Deformed nail care
  • Fungal nail and skin care
  • Gel system
  • Callus care
  • Skin deformation, hardening and thickening care
  • Cracked heel care
  • Application of support materials (insoles, silicone etc.)

Medical foot care:In medical foot care; hygienic nail clipping and design, nail surface cleaning and polishing, and removal of hardened skin are done using podology devices. It is a health-related and aesthetic care that aims to prevent the problems that may occur in the feet. Hand hygiene, disinfection and sterilization of the target area are carried out in line with hospital standards. You will have beautiful, aesthetic and healthy feet by these care applications which are performed using special milling inserts in medical devices.

Diabetic foot care:There are some differences in the care of diabetic feet. Even minor problems in the feet of diabetic patients can lead to serious secondary complications, if neglected. Diabetic feet may suffer from impaired circulation and loss of sensation. Skin thinning, coldness and paleness are likely and patients can not feel heat, cold, touch and pain. Therefore, the feet care of diabetics is made with a device without the use of scissors, forceps and pointed tools, and it is recommended to use some special foot products which nourish the skin.

Ingrown nail care:With the wire system called 3TO, the nail shape is corrected and the formation of ingrown nail is prevented in a pain-free manner without any need for surgical removal of the ingrown nail, as impaction of the nail into the surrounding tissues is prevented.

Thickened (gryphotic) or fungal nail care:Thickened nails with fungal infection are cleaned in a pain- and bleeding-free manner using podology devices and no diseased tissue is left behind. Gel system is used, if necessary.

Deformed nail care:Â Nails with deformities secondary to trauma or different causes are reshaped and the deformations are corrected.

Callus care:While the callus layers are removed without any pain by the podology device; the area - where the pressure (pressure) builds up - is protected and the reformation of callus is prevented.

Cracked heel care:Cracked skin represents at entrance gate for microorganisms; they can be painful and make it difficult to use socks. Heel cracks can be completely corrected by regular thinning of the skin and the care with special products that fit the skin type of the person.

Gel system:It is applied to thickened, deformed and impacted nails in order to correct the nail bed. The treatment for nail with fungal infection is shortened by the gel nail system. Furthermore, the unpleasant look caused by fungal infection or thickened nail is eliminated.

Care of deformed, hardened and thickened skin:Hardening and thickening caused by improper pressure distribution, compression and friction - especially on the soles of the foot - can be painlessly thinned with the assistance of the device. In order to prevent recurrence; pressure-relieving support material is applied. The dead layers of the skin are removed and appropriate products are used for the skin care. The skin can look vivid, smooth and thin through regular care. Inward and outward foot bears extra load on metatarsal bones or heel, resulting in significant problems.

Foot problems can be determined with plantar pressure analysis by our specialist and permanent solutions can be provided for your problems using support material (insoles, silicon etc.).



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