Obesity and Diabetes Outpatient Clinic

Obesity and Diabetes Outpatient Clinic



Obesity is a very important disease with ever increasing incidence, similar to an epidemic, all over the world, but it can be prevented and treated. We can define it as an excessive or abnormal fat accumulation in the body due to excessive and incorrect eating, sedentary life, genetic predisposition and environmental factors. It does not depend on a single factor and it adversely affects the quality of life, such as social isolation and many social-psychological problems.

Compared to people with normal body weight, obese people are at high risk of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc. In addition, the risk of certain cancers (such as breast cancer, colon cancer etc.) is higher in obese people. Aging paves the way for many orthopaedic diseases, such as herniated lumbar disc and knee disorders.

Obesity is an important disease that must be treated, as it shortens the life expectancy, deteriorates the quality of life and causes many important diseases along with its negative psychological effects.

Obesity is no more a Fate! A New Life Awaits You Through Correct Treatment and Follow-up!.

Diabetes Disease (Diabetes):

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which lasts for a lifetime and characterized by insufficient secretion or improper functioning of insulin, high blood glucose and accompanying diseases. Unfortunately, the incidence of diabetes in Turkey has increased by 100% in the last decade. Good treatment and follow-up can prevent many diabetes-related problems, such as heart disease, vision loss and kidney failure. Diabetes is the most important cause of renal failure not only in Turkey, but also around the world. Uncontrolled diabetes shortens life expectancy by about 5-10 years.